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AUTOR Elly Griffiths
ISBN 9780857388889
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Elly Griffiths. Author of the Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries, and the Stephens & Mephisto novels. Books > The Ruth Galloway Novels Dying Fall. Ruth's old friend Dan Golding dies in a house fire. But before he died Dan wrote to Ruth telling her that he had made a ground-breaking archaeological discovery. Could this find be linked to his death and who are the sinister neo-Nazi group who were ...

When murder strikes close to home, Dr Ruth Galloway is determined to find justice - without ending up in the firing line herself. 'One of the most cinematic finales in recent crime fiction' Daily Telegraph Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist, spends a lot of time looking at death. But now death has found her, with the news that her long-time friend and ex-colleague Dan Golding has been killed in a house fire. Ruth's grief soon turns to suspicion of arson when she receives a desperate letter from Dan, sent the day before he died. He had made a ground-breaking discovery that he was sure would change archaeology forever - and was petrified of the consequences. Ruth feels compelled to travel north to investigate further, alongside DCI Harry Nelson who is also drawn into the case. But where Ruth goes, so does her young daughter, Kate. This time, the risks are even higher.

Elly Griffiths ist ein großartiger Autor, der selten enttäuscht. A Dying Fall ist keine Ausnahme. Lesen Sie das Buch A Dying Fall auf unserer Website im PDF-, ePUB- oder MOBI-Format.

The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries: A Dying Fall ebook ...

A Dying Fall, like all of Griffiths work, combines an intriguing plot with well-drawn characters topped by the ever-fascinating Ruth and a keen sense of place and history.Connoisseurs of thoughtful suspense will revel in its many pleasures. Richmond Times-Dispatch When Ruth Galloway learns that her old university friend Dan Golding has died in a house fire, she is shocked and saddened.

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