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AUTOR William Dalrymple
ISBN 9781408864388
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BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Anarchy

"The Purge: Anarchy" beginnt ein Jahr nach dem ersten Teil, genauer gesagt, am 21. März 2023, wenige Stunden vor Beginn der jährlichen "Purge-Nacht". Diese Nacht wurde von der Regierung eingeführt, um die Arbeitslosigkeit und die Kriminalitätsrate niedrig zu halten. In dieser Nacht sind alle verbrechen erlaubt, bis hin zum Mord. Von 19 Uhr bis zum nächsten Morgen 7 Uhr, können die ...

THE TOP 5 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ONE OF BARACK OBAMA'S BEST BOOKS OF 2019 THE TIMES HISTORY BOOK OF THE YEAR LONGLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE FOR NON-FICTION 2019 A FINANCIAL TIMES, OBSERVER, DAILY TELEGRAPH, WALL STREET JOURNAL AND TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR 'Dalrymple is a superb historian with a visceral understanding of India . A book of beauty' - Gerard DeGroot, The Times In August 1765 the East India Company defeated the young Mughal emperor and forced him to establish in his richest provinces a new administration run by English merchants who collected taxes through means of a ruthless private army - what we would now call an act of involuntary privatisation. The East India Company's founding charter authorised it to 'wage war' and it had always used violence to gain its ends. But the creation of this new government marked the moment that the East India Company ceased to be a conventional international trading corporation dealing in silks and spices and became something much more unusual: an aggressive colonial power in the guise of a multinational business. In less than four decades it had trained up a security force of around 200,000 men - twice the size of the British army - and had subdued an entire subcontinent, conquering first Bengal and finally, in 1803, the Mughal capital of Delhi itself. The Company's reach stretched until almost all of India south of the Himalayas was effectively ruled from a boardroom in London. The Anarchy tells the remarkable story of how one of the world's most magnificent empires disintegrated and came to be replaced by a dangerously unregulated private company, based thousands of miles overseas in one small office, five windows wide, and answerable only to its distant shareholders. In his most ambitious and riveting book to date, William Dalrymple tells the story of the East India Company as it has never been told before, unfolding a timely cautionary tale of the first global corporate power.

William Dalrymple ist ein großartiger Autor, der selten enttäuscht. The Anarchy ist keine Ausnahme. Lesen Sie das Buch The Anarchy auf unserer Website im PDF-, ePUB- oder MOBI-Format.

The Anarchy: The East India Company, Corporate Violence ...

Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or group of people that totally rejects a set hierarchy. The word anarchy was first used in 1539, meaning "an absence of government". ...

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